Information Systems Department

Information Systems Department is one of the five research and development groups of the Institute of Mathematical Machines. Department's work focuses on designing and implementing software. It performs pre-deployment analysis, provides consulting services in IT solutions and conducts training in e-learning technology and web programming techniques.

Department also takes part in dissemination activties of research and projects in the form of scientific publications and public conferences, seminars and workshops to promote new information technologies.

The team consists of more than a dozen experienced professionals who combine a scientific approach to computer science and a broad theoretical knowledge and its practical application. Having conducted computer science courses for many years, the team works close to the user and has a reliable source of information about the needs of users and the feedback from the market. Constantly working with international institutions, they have access to current knowledge about the cutting edge technologies and solutions.

Information Systems Department offers several innovative technologies developed here. Also, Consultancy services, implementation and trainings:

  • TeleEdu 2.0 - e-learning technology. This innovative project was first developed under the EU Leonardo da Vinci (2002-2003) and then it was used and developed in various other projects and enterprises, like AdeLe, Innovator or Renovator. The technology consists of Learning Management System platform TeleEdu LMS and authoring tool TeleEdu Editor 2.0.
  • e-Courses made with TeleEdu 2.0 technology, with dynamic scenarios and multimedia content, with hosting or on client's LMS platform.
  • dokMistrz - document management solution for small and medium enterprises.
  • Consulting and training services - advice on organising and managing the disctance learning process.